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Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years!!!

 So for New Years Eve we all came to my mom's for a party. We ordered pizza together and everyone brought snacks and treat to have later. We played with toys and pool...
 Partook of delicious snacks and beverages...
 Played Wii...

 Hot tubbed and watched a few fireworks that Honey bought...
 Then made lots and lots of noise. I think Tyson was already upset bc he got his belly sipped up in his jammies, but then to be tired and to have a hat stuck on him, placed in front for a picture and then get scared from all the unsuspecting noise...let's just say that he was not happy, in the least.
 New Years Day:
We went back over to mom's in the morning for a delicious breakfast of scones, eggs, orange juice and sausage then let the kids played while the adults went back and forth of what to do with the rest of the day...We decided on bowling. It was really fun for everyone!
 Chance is super in to thumbs up and it is awesome! 
 Nice shot and we didn't even have to pick her up from down the lane ( which we really have had to do before!)  Love you mom!
 Snuggling with Uncle Ben!
 Tyson loved his aunt Whitney today! Cute girls!
 Nice Moves
 Apparently Liv wanted to fake sleep so she wouldn't "Be" in the picture... She is so smart!  I love her
After bowling Honey treated us all to burger king, the kids played and then we went home and the rare and beautiful happened...both of our kids took naps and so did lance.  I got a lot done with quiet all to myself.  Great day. and Aside from lots of whining, it looks like it's going to be a great year!  

Mom's goals for 2014: 1. Start a photo-blog     2. Learn How to use photoshop     3. Take my first paid photoshoot    4. not loose weight ( it seems like when you don't think about it, that is when you get skinny, so that is my plan)     5. Read the BOM or New Testiment, (whatever we are studying this year in sunday school)     6. Go to the temple once a month.

2013 was a good year, we have some rough times and some of the worst times, but we had a lot of really great times too and we are so thankful for all of them because they help make us who we are and shape us for the future...Okay future here we come! 

Christmas Day!

 Tyson's favorite things were the chocolate marshmallow santa's and the rest of his candy.  And of coarse he loved all the balls he got which was about 5 or 6.  If Tyson doesn't play some kind of ball sport we will all be very surprised bc of his obsession as of late.
 Olivia Got new paints a little mermaid 2 movie, a bubble guppies Molly bath toy, a tea set, a shoe lace lacing game and best of all her gift from Santa which was the Furreal Monkey who makes all kinds of sounds and movements.  She was so happy.  We asked her after if she got everything from Santa that she wanted and she said, "YES!" Then we asked her if she got everything from mom and dad that she wanted and she said, "No..." I think she was just being silly bc she couldn't think of anything that we had forgotten.  Lucky girl!

 Daddy got a punching bag from Santa and boxing gloves from mom, basketball shorts, BYU water bottle and a really cool watch case.
 Here is the look that Tyson had for pretty much everything this morning, it was really funny.  Here he is with his new basketball and hoop that we can hang from the doors.  He really did love it once we got it out of the box.

 And lastly, Tyson's Santa gift...A Radio Flyer rollercoaster.  It took him a few days to warm up to the idea of sending himself down on the actual car, but until then he had a great time sliding his body and other toys and balls down.  Liv won all the way around, bc she gets to play with Tyson's too. So fun!  I love that they are getting to an age where they can really start to play together.  We still have many moments of screaming but sometimes they are happy screams so I guess we'll take the good with the bad.
 Mommy got a mouse, portable hard drive and new photoshop software for the computer and my new passion of photography.  I also got a flat iron, (which I have asked for and needed for the last 3 years but always find something else I need or want more, this year I got it all.) Work out shirts and a cool hat.
My mom came over and joined us for gift opening and a yummy breakfast of eggnog, orange juice, breakfast casserole and sweet rolls.  Fun to have her there with us!

 Christmas afternoon at Mom's:
All of us together again to play and open our gifts from our mom, and to have her open hers from us.

 BOYS!  we have an 8 year old, 6, 4 and 18 months all enthralled by the same thing! 
 Honey gave the kids so much!  She had another gift for them today...Liv and the girls got a little princess apron/dress, magic wand and fun little disney princess dolls with dresses to change.

 Since the last 2 or 3 years I have helped my dad out in filling my mom's stocking I thought it was fitting to continue that tradition, we all went in a little and it turned out great! Thanks girls for the help!
 A picture of me and my dad at a lighthouse in Martha's Vineyard with this written on it... "Dear Marsie: Your dad will always be your 'beacon of light' on the shore to protect you bring you home safely. He will always be there for you!  With love...  That of coarse got me crying and remembering how much I miss my dad right now!  Wish he could be here to see all our kids grow and be with us to enjoy in the good times, at least we know what we know and that is that he was there in spirit and we will see him again! 
 I did get a really awesome lighting kit for my progression in learning and doing photography and lance got some great toothbrush's and some extra money to spend of what he wants when he can think of what that is.  Thanks mom! 
 Tyson and the young boys got a loops and swoops fisher price amusement park.  They all seemed to love it!  Thanks so much Honey!  You are amazing!
 The Day After Christmas Project!  Our very own Welch Castle. Equipped with gardens, draw bridge, window and window box, slide, archway and let's not forget Champ the castle guarding lion!!  It was really fun to build and even more fun to play in!

The perfect after Christmas activity to keep us busy and playing!  Our house is a disaster but at least we are having a great time and that's all that matters, right!?

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve: 12-24-2013
It was a good day, we started out going to the gym.  Ellie was teaching a Christmas eve Zumba class, It was such a blast!  We left a little early to go get in line at the library to see a puppet show and we waited and waited and the puppet lady never showed up which was kind of a bummer, but we got a few books and movies. We had lunch while Tyson napped and for dinner we went to Honey's house and met with Coby and Tiff's family.  They brought Chinese and we made ham, asparagus, funeral potatoes, rolls and pretzel jello.  Yum!  We chatted and played and of coarse, sat in the hot tub, Then we came back to our house to open gifts from Liv to Tyson and Tyson to liv, we opened our christmas jammies and put out cookies and eggnog and watched a little movie before zipping the kids off to bed so that Santa could come to visit us. Can't wait for morning!  Months of buying and the time is finally here! 
 Tyson gave Liv a box of 4 wooden princess puzzles.

 Liv gave Tyson a set of 2 really cool John Deere trucks.
 We also opened gifts from Grandma and Grandpa... They each got a fun gun to shoot. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!
 Cutest matching jammies, Liv's even came with a little night gown for her doll, she was very excited!

 All Jammed out!
 Here is Liv setting out the cookies for santa
 Yay!!! It looks like Santa came!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Adam 12-23-13

 For one of the presents to my mom we decided to get all the kids together in a picture for her. We took a lot and I think we did a pretty good job! cute kids!

 Liv and Luella were our adorable little animals for the nativity mooing and baa-ing all the way, millie was an angel and ran around singing I'm tinker bell, I'm tinker bell. 
 Ben was thrilled to be our big angel!
 Cutest wise men ever!!!
 Tyson got a little "cuddly cousins" bear and some balls from Jaden.
 Olivia got a fun lalaloopsy memory game from Luella. And from Honey they each got cute jammies and these fun animals called Stuffies. Each child got a different one. Tyson got Champ the Lion and Liv got Prancine the unicorn.  Thanks Honey, they love them!
 This is the best picture ever...Lance isn't actually holding a toy gun to his sons head it just looks like way...Awesome!
 Picture time for all the kids in their new jammies with their stuffies!
 Some were not so happy about it, AKA Coby's presence in the picture! Merry Christmas!
Snuggling with his best buddy, Honey! Great end to a great night.

The Quote of the month: January 2009

I really enjoy having something to think about each month so I thought I should continue putting a qoute up each month. Please feel free to add more if you have inspiration to share!

This is a great one to start the year off!
"Be where you are, otherwise, you will miss your life!"

Hangin With Mootz

Hangin With Mootz
Here we are helping plant flowers at Mootzies house for Mothers Day